How to market your legal practice in 2019

What we’ll cover in this session:

  • The 5 Most Important Marketing Strategies You Should Be Doing In 2019
  • Website Optimization – How To Make Your Visitors Convert
  • Get More Reviews On Google My Business

  • How To Hit Your Business Goals

  • How To Rank Higher On Google
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"We are getting about 25-30 leads a month… and my site is organically one of the TOP sites in Google for Personal Injury Lawyer in Lower Mainland."
Harpreel N Nirwan, Nirwan Law Corporation
"My business is thriving because of the work Soulpepper has done for me. I would recommend them to anyone who wants to increase their client base."
Kelly Gates, Gates Criminal Law
"1.5 years into the SEO program and my organic traffic has increased by 744% and I have generated $436,500 revenue from Organic leads to my website."
Mathew Silver, Silver Immigration
"Soulpepper's SEO and SEM teams helped increase the law firm’s recognition in Toronto and generated over $1.5 million of direct revenue."
Bram A. Lecker, Lecker and Associates
"2 years into the SEM program and my ROI increased by 1415% and I have generated $435,000 revenue from Ad leads."
Patrick Spinks, Spinks Law



Sean Jimenez
CEO – soulpepper

Who is Sean Jimenez

He is a Vancouver native and serial entrepreneur, digital marketer and business coach. He has created one of the fastest growing digital marketing companies in North America and has been recognize by Google as being in the top 3 of all agency partners for generating new client revenue nation wide.


As an entrepreneur and marketer for over 15 years, our founder Sean Jimenez started Soulpepper in 2012. Since then we have served 100s of companies from coast to coast generating high quality leads that convert into customers online. As a certified Premier Google Partner, we are trained and certified directly by Google and other major search engines. Book your consultation to speak with us, and find out how Soulpepper can start getting new files for your law firm today.

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