Social media is an excellent way to connect with your audience on a daily basis. Think of all the different platforms you’re on as living, breathing mini-websites that continuously position your business as current and relatable. Bonus: active social media pages also improve your SEO and ability to attract and interact with prospective clients. 

With all the rigours of running a successful firm, dealing with clients and attending court, how much time do you really have to build and sustain a solid social media channel? Enter Soulpepper! We want to set your business up for success by casually handing you these social media tips to grow your network.

1. Understand your existing presence

Start by listening, take some time to explore what people are saying about your firm across different platforms. What type of results did you get? Much like your GMB or Yelp listings or review discussion boards, claim any pages that refer to/mention your firm and attend to the content you find there. Where you discover a page for your business that you didn’t know existed, seek to remedy the situation and improve your online presence. 

2. Choose the right platform

Depending on your area of practice or marketing goal, the most optimal social media channel may vary. Your content on each platform should reflect this difference. For example, the audience you reach on Facebook may not necessarily be the same as that on LinkedIn, their needs and habits are worlds apart. In much the same way that you conduct keyword searches for your website, this very task can be performed for your chosen social media channels. Curate keywords that speak to your firm’s services but also aid in joining trending conversations happening elsewhere. Insider tip: if you’re just now getting round to social media, focus on one or two platforms, opposed to trying to dominate every social media platform available.

3. Be consistent

Being recognized as a thought leader in your industry is a feat most lawyers and firms seek to gain. With this in mind, to your audience, your credibility and relevance on social media are often judged by what type of content you post, how often you post, and whether or not that content drives them to your website to retain your services. Consistency and relevance is the name of the game. Don’t have the time to draft and update your content regularly? Tools such as Hootsuite help you set up and follow a monthly content calendar in a really efficient way. Added features include an image bank, a handy scheduling option, analytics to measure each platform’s success, as well as helpful tips to improve your content when needed. 

4. Record and share videos

Ever wondered about the importance of video marketing for your firm? You probably should! Recent stats reveal that at least 78% of people watch videos online every week; while another 55% of those surveyed revealed they watch up to 6 videos a day. At the height of the coronavirus pandemic, these figures were definitely a lot higher with everyone being at home and online. The addition of professional and informative videos to both your website and social media pages will not only improve brand awareness but help your audience connect more with who you are as a firm/lawyer. It’s that extra little touch that gives the illusion that we’re getting to you know on a ‘personal’ level. 

Go the extra mile and set up a Youtube account if you haven’t already. Here you’ll be able to share other vital company information and possibly reclaim your title as the thought leader your firm should be. Upload webinars to communicate changes to the law, share quick company updates or simply showcase your firm’s culture. The choices are endless with video marketing!

5. Post informative graphics

Social media is visual. Engagement rates on social media increase exponentially when text-only posts are coupled with appropriate images. Grab your audience’s attention by sharing legal facts or updates with captivating images. Hootsuite or Canva’s content and image banks provide free templates your marketing team can use to create visual masterpieces that capture your business’ essence and get you the engagement rates and CTRs you deserve! 

6. Make it personal

Social media can easily become a window to your firm’s values, culture and people. Use each channel to showcase how awesome your team is! Post team pictures from conferences you all attended, a birthday or anniversary you celebrated, or a community event your firm supported. Add some personality to your posts! 

7. Promote your blog

Blogging is an excellent way to provide long-form value that answers your prospective clients’ pressing questions. In the legal industry, it is imperative that you showcase your experience and expertise in your area of practice. Clients want to see that you are an active part of the legal community, and a competent source to manage their respective cases.

In addition to valuable content for social media, blogging also improves your SEO efforts, and provides a place to direct your social media traffic. For additional top tier reasons why you should get into blogging now, check this out.

8. Use the 80/20 rule

Touting endless promotions or consultation fee discounts isn’t the way to land a quality client. The quality of your work and track record are what matter most to your leads. Sure, affordable hourly rates that are clearly communicated do help a smidge! 

With social media, be sure to not post endlessly about money matters. 80% of your content should provide value to your followers, while the other 20% can contain disguised sales pitches with clear calls-to-action such as booking a free consult within a specified period. Remember, the 80/20 rule is especially important when analyzing your dips and spikes in your engagement rates.

9. Engage with your audience

Like most communication, social media is a two-way street. Responding to audience questions and comments is a must. This engagement shows your followers that you are accessible and there to help.

While simply ‘liking’ a comment here and there is an easy route to take, going the extra mile and taking the time to actually respond to your followers’ comments should be something we all strive to do. As previously mentioned, there are some handy tools available that can help you manage your social media engagement across platforms from just the one dashboard in a jiffy. Try it.

10. Invest in paid ads

One of the key benefits of social media paid advertising is the ability to accurately target the audience that is more likely to convert. Where possible, we suggest upcycling some of your social media posts and turn them into targeted ads. 

Key takeaways

  • Each platform has a unique set of benefits, drawbacks and ad capabilities. 
  • Start with a broad message and audience, and use the applicable insights to determine where your efforts are most successful. 
  • It takes time to build brand awareness and adopt a tribe of loyal followers, so don’t get discouraged if results aren’t immediate. 


If you need assistance with your firm’s social media marketing strategy, our timely New Normal Social Media Webinar goes into terrific detail about improving your firm’s online presence in a post-COVID-19 world. Alternatively, contact our digital marketing strategists today to get started!

-Team Soulpepper