Online Marketing Strategies for Law Firms

In this webinar, Lucas Socio, Soulpepper’s Account Director, will share key insights on selecting the best Google Ad campaign types that meet your current business goals. Attendees will leave this webinar with the most up-to-date and effective Google Ads marketing approaches in hand.

For maximum exposure and higher rankings on SERPs, your law firm needs to ensure that its website is search engine friendly using on-site SEO. In this webinar, Mahan Salimian will share the fundamental signals used to rank your website higher across search engines and increase traffic to your site.

In this webinar, Mahan Salimian will share key strategies on how you can preserve and improve your organic rankings on Google by utilizing Search Engine Optimization.  This will help you leverage search trends, show up more often on the search results page and get your firm’s name in front of potential clients.

In this current situation, even more customers are going online to look for answers. Therefore, it’s crucial for them to be able to find your practice online. In this webinar, Lucas Socio will go over the marketing funnel for law firms and share key strategies you can employ to reach potential clients at each step of their online research ‘journey’.

Platforms such as Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter serve a dual purpose as both a valuable communication tool, as well as an alternative advertising platform. In this webinar, Lucas Socio will share key strategies on how law firms can revamp and capitalize on their social media strategies to thoughtfully engage with both current and prospective clients.

When we’re talking about your website’s success, routine tweaks, performance reviews and adaptations of your marketing strategy should be top of mind for improving your online presence and taking a step towards bigger conversion wins. Join Mahan Salimian as he shares key strategies on how all businesses can improve site traffic, convert better leads, and create a more inviting user experience that will see your firm successfully pivot during this current health crisis.