Case Studies

Nirwan Law Personal Injury Law added:
$2,279,400 in 12 Months

Nirwan Law Family Law added:
$100,000 in 17 Weeks

Harp Nirwan | Owner
Nirwan Law Corporation

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Monkhouse Employment Lawyers added:
$2.64M in billings in 21 Months
2643 Leads
264 Clients

Andrew Monkhouse | Principal
Monkhouse Employment Lawyers

1.5 years into the SEO program and my organic traffic has increased by 744% and I have generated $436,500 revenue from Organic leads to my website.

Matthew Silver | Founder and President
Silver Immigration

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Spinks Law added:
$437,500 in legal fees in 30 Months
1414.57% ROI
– Small Town Personal Injury Practice

Patrick Spinks | Principal
Okanagan Injury Lawyers

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Baker and Baker |
Family Lawyers


Leads Generated:

Increased by 97%


SEM Traffic:

Increased by 277%


Cost per lead:

Decreased by 89%


Organic Leads:

Increased by 11% in a few short months


Organic Traffic:

Increased by 15% in a few short months


Organic Impressions:

Increased by 12k in a few short months


The figure above depicts the growth of one of our clients, Baker and Baker Family Law, a major family law practice in Toronto. Notice the leads generated increased by 97%. When we took over, they were treading water. Four months and over 500 calls later, we added nearly $3.75M in new files to the firm.

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