Your firm’s logo should be immediately recognizable and speak volumes for your brand. No matter what area of practice you’re in, or how large or small your firm is, you will benefit from having a strong, professionally designed logo. 

What Characteristics Should You Look for in a Logo

Here are a few ideas on what you should consider when designing a new logo:


Have you ever wondered why logos such as Nike, Apple and McDonalds have logos that are easily recognizable? Keeping your logo simple is the key design component because it’s pleasing to the eye and easily recognizable. By having a simple design, you can express your brand’s personality effectively and directly.

Other than illustrations, you can also consider a simple logo that only includes letters and wordmarks. Overall, your brand should be communicated through your logo and having as few elements as possible will allow your consumers to recognize and remember your company’s brand.


Your logo should clearly communicate your brand and therefore your primary focus should be to design a logo that can be used to trigger different emotions in your consumers. 

Colour, fonts, tone and the visual anchor of your logo should ultimately tell your firm’s story. Even a small symbol or simple design is worth a thousand words and can be used as a connection between your firm and the ideas and values behind it.

Color Representation

As mentioned earlier, colour can instill emotion and feeling to your consumers and visitors. It’s important to keep your logo concise and choose only two or three colors. Choosing the right colors can highlight your firm’s strengths, and choosing the wrong color combination may have the reverse effect. Here are a few representations that you may want to consider:

  • Red is considered a universal color for excitement, and passion, and also draws attention and can make you stand out from the crowd.
  • Orange is a more playful colour and can pack an energetic punch to your design
  • Yellow reflects accessibility and luxury, but also radiates a youthful energy undertone
  • Green logos represent versatility and reflect a large cultural association. Green is also a colour that’s considered versatile for all types of businesses.
  • Blue symbolizes trust, worthiness and maturity. In fact, almost 50% of all logos out there have some shade of blue in them.
  • Purple generally symbolizes luxuriousness, cutting edge and wisdom. The colour purple is known to have gotten its luxurious associations because purple dye was very expensive historically. 
  • Pink logos express modernness, luxurious and youthful look and although not a common color to use in a logo, it still offers a red undertone which can work in making your logo stand out above the rest.
  • Black is the new black. Black gives a company a slick, modern and simple look. 


Your logo will be presented on your website, your business cards, your Google My Business page, and all your social media channels such as Facebook, Google, LinkedIn and Twitter

The design of your logo should be versatile enough so that you are able to use it in different scenarios and in a variety of ways. 

Even the most beautiful and comprehensive logo may look unrecognizable or flawed if it is shrunk down for an ad or if they’re printed on a business card. By keeping the clutter to a minimum, you’ll instantly be able to create a logo that is more versatile. When it doubt, say more with less.


Another key factor to an effective logo is to ensure your brand differentiates from other law firms and lawyers. Logos are everywhere and you see them every day, so having one that stands out can help you create something impactful for your business. Especially when everything is a Google Search away, it makes it that much more important to have a logo that tells your story.

It’s a good idea to collect all your ideas by saving them in some sort of mood board. Go through the strengths and weaknesses of each option and work with a group of professional designers to set you up with the best-desired outcome for your logo. 

Choose a Web-Safe Font

By having a web-safe font, you’re able to display your logo consistently throughout mobile devices and browsers. By doing this, you’re able to ensure that you can match your font with the logo you’ve designed throughout multiple pages and channels on the web. 

You also have the ability to play around with the typography of your font by determining what type of brand you’re trying to convey. It’s a good idea to have various versions of your font as well. Wordmarks are logos with your law firm’s name in them, while glyphs are symbols that represent your law firm’s name. 

What is The Right File Type for Your Logo?

Not to get too much into the technicalities of designing your logo, but in order for your law firm to have a high-quality logo (whether online or printed), these formats will help with that:

  • JPEG (.jpg)
  • Vector (.eps)
  • Transparent (.png)
  • Scalable Vector Graphics (.svg)

What to Consider When Outsourcing Your Logo Design?

If you need support in creating your logo, outsourcing your design to an agency specializing in branding design and online marketing can help ensure that your logo will capture the attention of your consumers. 

Before you reach out to an agency for help, consider and have a good understanding and foundation of what your law firm’s brand, mission, vision and brand strategies are.

Find a Reputable and Experienced Designer or Branding Agency

When entrusting an agency with your logo design, you want to ensure that they can be trusted with this responsibility and they have the expertise to create a brand logo that can reflect your firm. It is easier for them to make your logo scalable and consistent, and also ensure that your logo will work with any ads or campaigns that you are running as part of your legal marketing efforts.

Ensure The Contract Includes a Full Scope of Work

Any reputable designer should understand what it takes to create a logo and therefore should be highlighted in your contract with the agency prior to the partnership. Other than the overview of the work, the contract should also include the number of revisions you’re allotted, the file type in which your logo will be saved, and what is considered extra work that may be charged separately.

Think About Your Budget

Similar to running a digital marketing campaign or building a new website, designing a logo comes at a cost. Similar to what your consumers may invest in when looking for a new lawyer, your investment in your brand will reflect the expertise of the outcome. 

It’s best to work with someone that has had prior experience in logo design and brand design that you really like, rather than someone who may cut corners if the budget is low. However, if you have a smaller budget, carefully source reputable freelancers and designers that can assist your project, but make sure you do your due diligence to ensure that their portfolio is compatible with your needs and expectations.

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