Did you know that more than half of the people who receive a marketing email will go on to click through to your site? That is why you should be thinking of ways to take full advantage of email marketing to improve SEO.

Email marketing cannot by itself impact the ranking of your website in the Google Search Engine. However, email marketing, if properly used, can help you to direct high-quality traffic to your site. When you have relevant, direct traffic going to your website, your chances of ranking well are increased. Note that Google does not count direct traffic, only organic traffic that comes to your site from unpaid search engine results. But the reason you will see a boost in SEO is that Google places a higher value on pages that are seen to be authoritative sources on certain topics. There is a correlation between your direct traffic levels and authority. The more direct traffic you get to your website, the more links and general online presence you are likely to develop as time passes. When this happens, your site will appear more authoritative.

If you are looking to boost SEO, here are some ways email marketing can help:

Email marketing reduces bounce rate

A bounce occurs when someone visits a page on your website and leaves almost immediately without visiting any other pages. Google monitors your bounce rate and considers it as an important factor for ranking in its search engine. No matter how much effort you put into SEO, you cannot rank well if your pages have high bounce rates.

When you create relevant and interesting legal content, and point readers to this content using email marketing, you can increase the number of quality visitors you get to your site. Those who click through from an email to read your content tend to be more interested in the information shared. After all, they signed up for your mailing list in the first place.

Email marketing encourages social media engagement

Google has revealed that the top 5 ranked pages in the search engine are the ones that are most shared on Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+. This shows that there is a strong relationship between social media presence and SEO. So, while you have the attention of your email readers, use the opportunity to encourage them to follow you on your social media pages and to share your content on their own pages as well. These shares could potentially help your law firm to go viral and promote organic engagement.

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Email marketing can help you to create better content

With an email list, you can gather in-depth information about your target audience. When you have a better understanding of who your readers are you can go ahead to create content better suited to them. You can even create segments in your mailing list by grouping subscribers with common interests or characteristics. After doing so, you can share targeted content based on which groups may find it most relevant.

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