First things first: Google Ads are great if you know who you’re targeting. They are effective in getting and measuring leads and sales, but it does require ongoing investment. However, if you’re trying to gain brand awareness, using social media ads may be a better use of your money, as it can be more cost effective. You can read more about how to create social media ads on next week’s blog. Make sure to register for our Google Ads workshop hosted by our Online Marketing Specialist here too!

So let’s jump right in. Do you know who you’re targeting? If not, go do some keyword research! 
Find out what keywords your audience is using and think about your product or service from their perspective. 
Searchers ultimately don’t care about what you are offering, they care about whether or not it answers their want or need.
If your ad copy doesn’t address the specific need they’re looking for, they’ll move onto the next ad. Does your client want an efficient and quick lawyer experience? Or a law firm that is extremely specialized in their field? Once you understand where their needs are coming from, you can effectively write ad copy that addresses those needs.
Now that you know the types of keywords your target audience uses to search for their needs, you can move into planning a specific goal you want to achieve for each ad. For example, you would have to use different wording to achieve these goals: 

If your goal is to have more people call your business (Example A)

  • (1) Phone Number – front and center
  • (2) Call Today! – call to action
  • (3) Hours of Operation – so customer knows when they can call
how to write a google ad example

 If your goal is to get more people to come onto your website (Example B

  • (1) Schedule Free Consultation Now – call to action to click on site
  • (2) Breadth of Information – entices the reader to find out more
When writing your ads, you should be super specific with your wording. Numbers especially have been proven to drive higher click-through rates and make your ad appear to be more credible. 
numbers are credible
Additionally, consider using the word “You” in your headline or first description line. Because you’re trying to appeal to your client’s needs, using the word “You” is a direct method of talking to them. Rather than thinking about your firm, think about it from the client’s perspective and avoid using the words “we”, “us”, “me”, and “I”. 
use the keyword "you"
And don’t forget about the call to action! When you’re running an ad, the goal is to have a client take action on your ad; whether that be to fill out a lead form or to call you. You need to explicitly tell the people looking at your ad copy to take action and call you. Think of it like inputting a location on your GPS map and telling the customer what to do next. 
Now that you know what to write in your Google Ad copy, you must put it into Google Ads! You can sign up for a free account and start building your ads. A really good preview tool to see what your advertisement will look like on Google is Karooya (this is only a preview tool, if you want to create an ad you must use the Google Ad platform).
Make sure you utilize all the characters limit and add all the extensions. You want to maximize the space you have on the search engine because the space your ad takes up can bump your competitors ads or organic postings lower. Also when your ad is performing well, Google can choose to show your extensions you’ve added.

See the difference?

If you wanna know more, Soulpepper’s Online Ads Specialist is hosting a workshop on Google Ads 101 next week. Learn in depth tips and industry secrets by securing your spot below.
We hope these tips have helped you and inspire you to try and create an ad yourself! If not, at least you have a better understanding of how ads work. You can even use these tips to judge how your digital marketing agency is performing on your ads 😉 
Speaking of digital marketing agencies, we at Soulpepper Digital are proud to have a team of professionals whose expertise lies in crafting and conducting paid ads on Google and social media.
If you are considering creating advertisements to boost your law firm’s business performance, Contact Us! We’re happy to answer all your questions and assist you in any way we can. 

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