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Which of these searches do you think would have higher intent to convert to a lead? 

If you guessed the latter, you are correct. The likelihood of the person searching for “Vancouver Family Law Firm” calling your law firm and converting into a paying customer is much higher than someone arbitrarily searching for law firm.

If you are looking for more clients, you first have to look into their search psychology. 
This is where keyword research comes in. 

By researching and finding the actual terms that people are using to search for your law firm, you can gain insight into how your client’s are finding your law firm online and how you can better optimize your keyword search terms to match what they’re searching for. 

As mentioned earlier, the intention behind your potential client’s search is important too. It is important to keep in mind the purchase intention of the person searching for a keyword when you are trying to find keywords you want to rank for. 

Here are some steps when performing Keyword Research: 
Step 1:  Start Categorizing 

Think of the categories that your law firm falls under. Is it personal injury, family, estate, etc.? 

Step 2: Think of Search Terms that People are Using to Search for these Categories.

For example: Personal Injury category

  • personal injury lawyers near me 
  • best personal injury lawyer in Vancouver 
  • how to choose a personal injury lawyer 
Step 3: Think of Related Search Terms.

To find search terms that you didn’t think of, you can go into and type in one of the search terms you thought of in Step 2. 

For example: lets search “personal injury lawyers near me”

After you’ve searched your phrase, scroll down to the bottom and find the suggestions of related searches Google gives. 

keywords research
Step 4: Make sure you have a good mix of Short-Tail and Long-Tail Keywords.

Short-Tail keywords are more popular and broad.

  • For example: personal injury lawyer 

Long-Tail keywords are more specific and less searched.

  • For example: best personal injury lawyer vancouver
keywords research

Accessed from Google Adwords – Keyword Planner

Although long-tail keywords get fewer searches, their cost per click is generally lower because fewer companies are bidding for a spot under this search term. 

Pro-Tip: if you rank for long-tail keywords with high purchase intent, your conversions come at a lower cost.

For example: if you ranked first for “best personal injury lawyer in Vancouver” 

Step 5: Group by Intention

Figure out which keyword category will give you the best ROI (return on investment) for your law firm. Remember to think about the intention behind why your potential client is searching for a specific keyword phrase and pick the ones that give you the best ROI.

Once you’ve finished your keyword research, you can now advertise your law firm under your chosen keywords by using Google Adwords – a platform that helps businesses advertise their business on the SERP (search engine results page) of Google. 

Alternatively, you can also contact our digital marketing agency that will take the time and do all these steps for you, meticulously and professionally. Making sure that the keywords that are chosen are perform well and give you the best ROI possible. 
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