When you employ a new online marketing strategy for your law firm, it is easy to become overwhelmed with all the analytic data there is to monitor. To avoid this, you will need to focus only on the important data to determine whether your marketing efforts are effective.

If you aren’t sure which data you need to check, here are 5 Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) you must track with Google Analytics:

1. Web traffic

Monitoring the traffic that comes to your website should be your main priority. You should track information such as the reasons people visit your website and where visitors are from. Also, track how much time visitors spend navigating your website and the number of pages they view. See as well, which pages visitors frequent and check if there are pages with valuable content that attract few visitors. When you are armed with this information, you can optimize your website performance and increase the online visibility of your law firm.

2. Number and type of leads

Every website must generate leads. A lead is identification data that is provided by a prospective client. You will need to track the number of leads your site generates. You may get leads from visitors completing contact forms, using a link to call or email your firm or by using their email addresses to download valuable resources from your site. In your Google Analytics dashboard, ensure you set up tracking for each lead type.

3. Bounce rate

If a visitor comes to your website and only views one page before leaving, this is not considered as a quality visit. It is called a bounce. Check which ones of your pages have a high bounce rate and then make them more engaging to encourage people to stay there for longer and move from there to other pages. You can do this by adding links to and from your blog posts as well as videos, infographics and other multimedia content.

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4. Conversion rate

A conversion happens when a visitor takes a desired action on your website. If you have been actively optimizing your website’s conversion rate (as you should be), tracking this KPI will help you understand how the changes you have made are affecting your marketing campaigns.

5. Cost per lead

When you run pay-per-click ads, Google Analytics will automatically monitor and report the data from Google Ads to tell you your cost per lead. When you know how much you are paying for each lead, you will then know which marketing channels you should focus on to get the most from your marketing budget.

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