When it comes to search engines, Google has always dominated market share. According to a market share report published in July 2018, 73.36% of internet searches were powered by Google. Baidu (which is popular in China) took second place with a mere 12.51% of the market and Bing was third with 8.05%. Furthermore, about 93% of mobile (phone and tablet) searches are done using Google. So, there is no doubt, Google is the way to go for online marketing. To take advantage of Google’s dominance of the search engine market and improve your marketing, here are 4 tools you must use:

1. Google My Business

If you want to get free advertising on Google, you should create a Google My Business account. When you do this, your firm will show up in Google’s local business listings when people search for the services you offer. After you’ve created and verified your account, add a detailed description of your law firm, location, business hours, photos and videos. Once your account is created, clients will be able to leave reviews that you can easily read and respond to. These reviews will act as testimonials that potential clients will see when they find your listing. Additionally, Google My Business allows you to see insights on how people search for your firm and from where. It also shows how many of those people call directly from the number displayed in your business listing.

2. Google Search Console

Another tool that Google provides to help improve your marketing is the search console. Google Search Console is a tool that allows those who create and manage the content on a website to check the status in the Google index and optimize the visibility of the site. With the search console, you can monitor your site for issues that may affect performance and create content that will deliver visually engaging search results. Through the search console, you can see which pages keep your visitors on your website the longest. When you run ad campaigns, the search console will allow you to see which ads bring the most traffic to your website as well. The search console also shows you where your most valuable visitors are located, and more.

3. Google Analytics

Another way to track your marketing success is by using Google Analytics. While Google Search Console shows how Google interacts with your website, Google Analytics monitors how users interact with the site. So, with Google Analytics you can easily track conversions. A conversion occurs when a visitor to your website takes a desired action like sharing their contact information or communicating with your firm via a telephone or email link on one of your pages. Using Google Analytics, you can easily see which ones of your marketing efforts are working and which ones aren’t. Therefore, you can make informed decisions regarding your campaigns.

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4. Google Ads

Google Ads is Google’s advertising system that allows you to reach new clients by bidding on keywords that will make your clickable ads appear in prominent positions in the search index. When someone is searching for legal services, your ads will appear above the organic search results and ensure your firm stands out to be noticed by those who need your legal expertise.

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