Marketing is the practice of promoting your legal services to gain more clients. Because people depend on the internet to answer questions and inform their decisions, law firms must use online marketing as a part of their marketing plan. Here are 5 things you must do if you want online marketing to be a success:

1. Use search engine optimization

A great way to improve visibility online is by using search engine optimization (SEO). SEO involves techniques that send signals that show Google your pages are valuable resources based on what people are searching for. This process will help to ensure your website appears high on the list of search engine results and maximize the number of people who visit your site. For search engine optimization to be effective, you will need to optimize your entire website.

2. Increase your site speed

Google determines that sites that perform well deserve more promotion in the search index than those which perform badly. That is why your site speed is one of the factors that affect your ranking as slow websites result in a poor user experience. If your website takes longer than three seconds load, it considered slow by Google. So, ensure your site is up to speed by checking for errors that might affect performance. You may use free tools such as Page Speed Insights and Think with Google.

3. Update web content frequently

Publishing to your site and social media pages regularly is another way to help your law firm to appear in prominent positions when people search for legal content online. Update your blog with relevant posts at least once a month and update your social media pages weekly. Not only will this help you to increase visibility, it will give clients a reason to return to your website and other pages as well. You should also cross-link your social media pages with your website.

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4. Use Google Search Console

Google Search Console is a free web service that directs and monitors how your website is seen by Google. The search console performs technical audits of your site to identify major errors or issues that may affect usability and indexing. It shows you the impressions and click-through rate as well.

To get the most from your Google Search Console you should submit your sitemap and ensure you’re targeting the right location. Also, monitor your indexing, fix web errors and optimize metadata based on feedback provided by Google.

5. Create a Google My Business account

If you want your law firm to appear in local business listings, you should create a Google My Business profile. Once you set up and verify your account, add a detailed business description, hours of operation, location, business photos and videos.

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