Law firms looking for ways to get more high-quality traffic to their websites should consider marketing on social media. Social media marketing can provide law firms with a great opportunity to connect with existing and potential clients. Using social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook Twitter and others, you can raise brand awareness and create targeted ads. Google showed that there was a strong relationship between social media presence and SEO when it revealed that the top 5 pages in Google search engine results are the ones that were most shared on Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+. Therefore. when you increase your social media presence, you will, in turn, see a boost in SEO.

If you want to develop a marketing plan for social media, here are some things you should do:

1. Create social media pages

When creating social media pages for your law firm, choose social media platforms where clients are most active. Since just about anyone could need legal services, this means you should go with the most popular social media platforms. These include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat.

2. Share pictures and videos

Certain social media platforms are only used for photos and videos. You may think you don’t need to create accounts on these platforms since you don’t have photos or videos to share. But that is not the case. Sharing photos and videos are a great way to humanize your law firm and make it easier to connect with clients.

3. Promote your social media pages

Once you have created your social media accounts, use every chance you get to promote your pages. You can promote your pages by including social media icons at the bottom of your website and online newsletters as well as in your email signature. You could also use social ads to reach your target audience.

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4. Start a legal blog

When creating a blog, look beyond promoting your law firm. Instead focus mainly on answering questions and providing information that your existing and potential clients may find helpful for addressing their legal concerns. A legal blog will provide your law firm with a way to encourage dialogue with your clients by allowing them to leave comments and communicate with your firm.

5. Comment on other blogs

In addition to creating your own blog, join the conversation on other blogs that discuss topics relevant to your firm. When you comment on other blog posts, ensure you leave the name of your firm as well as the URL to your website so that people know where to find you.

6. Participate on question-and-answer sites

Question-and-answer sites are websites that allow people to submit their questions for other users to answer. Quora, Yahoo! Answers, and WikiAnswers are examples of question-and-answer sites. Sometimes, people searching for legal advice turn to these sites. Participating in question-and-answer sites will allow you to make a direct connection with potential clients. In your responses, never fail to refer those who need more information to your website.

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marketing on social media allows you to easily reach clients where they are. However, there are rules you must follow if you want your social media marketing efforts to be a success. You’ll also need to dedicate a good amount of time and effort to make it all work.

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