Almost all online experiences start with an online search. Therefore, if you are not practising search engine optimization (SEO) your website won’t get the traffic you need. Search engine optimization is the process of increasing the number of people who visit your website by sending signals to Google to help your pages appear in top search results.

Here are some ways you can make your website is SEO friendly:

1. Keyword Research

You will first need to consider the search phrases you want your site to appear for before you can begin optimizing your pages. But with so many keyword possibilities, how do you select the ones you will focus on? You will do this using keyword research. This research will tell you the most popular search terms people use when they are looking online for the services you offer. When you optimize your website to match these search phrases, you will achieve better rankings in search results. Note that you will need to do continuous keyword research as the way people search online is constantly changing.

2. Optimize title tags

After you’ve selected your focus keywords, optimize the relevant pages accordingly. When you optimize each page, ensure you optimize the title tag. The title tag specifies the name of the page and appears when you hover the mouse over the tab.

3. Do not use keyword stuffing

While it goes without saying that you should include keywords in the body of the content on each page, you must be wary of keyword stuffing. Keyword stuffing is the act of loading a web page with keywords that appear out of context. This will not only make your content difficult to read, it may cause Google to subtract points from your domain score as well.

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4. Create user-friendly URLs

When a user sees your URL, they should know what the page is about right away. So, avoid random letters, symbols and numbers. Instead, use URLs that your visitors can read and remember to include your keywords.

5. Delete duplicate content

Ensure that none of your pages have more than one version on your site as you may be penalized for duplicate content. Also, do not plagiarize other pages as this too may also result in your website being downgraded in the Google index.

6. Make your site mobile-friendly

Most people who are ready to take immediate action search using mobile devices. That is why your website must be mobile-friendly. A mobile-friendly site will automatically scale its elements to match the size of the screen on which is being viewed. This will make it easier for all visitors to access your content.

6. Check Your Site Speed

Your site speed is very important for page ranking in the Google index. Why? Because a slow-to-load website can turn potential clients off by creating a poor user experience. Google determines that sites that perform well should be promoted in the search engine more than those that perform badly. So, ensure that your site is up-to-speed by checking for errors that might affect performance.

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