So you’ve read our previous blog posts and tried to create some marketing ads on your own. You were successful in targeting the right people with the right message (congrats!) and suddenly, leads start interacting with your ad. What do you do now?
How do you make sure the leads coming in from your ads don’t fizzle out and go back into the abyss from where they first came?
Here are 7 tips to help you convert your leads into customers: 
Be Timely
Leads that come in from your ads become disinterested very quickly and need to be contacted within a 24-hour window. Preferably, you should have instant replies ready to send out the moment they show interest in your company. Whether that be a quick “we will be getting back to you shortly” email or a link to schedule a call, leads need to be nurtured with attention constantly.
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Simply Follow-Up
Leads can quickly change their minds. Keep them in purchase mode by sending follow-up emails or phone calls. These can consist of asking your leads if they have any additional questions you can answer or providing them with relevant content from your website.
Ask Questions
Turn the page around and make it your turn to ask questions. If you ask your lead a question, they will often reply. As an example, you could say “It has been over a month since we’ve heard from you. What are you currently using for your x service? Is it still meeting your needs?”. This added pressure can help open up a dialogue of conversation that both you and the lead want. 
Create a separate ad campaign for all the people that interacted with your previous ads. This list of people should be small and highly targeted, and the ads should provide a higher incentive or more information to the viewer. The most common example of retargeting is when you receive a promo code after you’ve abandoned your shopping cart for a couple of days.
Ask for the Sale
Ask your leads if they’re ready to purchase and you may be surprised by the number of people that say yes. Your leads became leads because they’re interested in what you have to offer. Usually, they’re just needing a little push to get to the other side – the sale.
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Highlight the ROI
Highlight how your service is the bridge to helping them get what they want. Whether they want support in getting proper compensation for damages or to get rid of a bug infestation, simply highlighting what you can do for your lead is sometimes enough to move them down the marketing funnel.
Have an In-Depth FAQ page on your Website. 
The biggest reason why your lead isn’t converting is because they have unanswered questions. By developing a thorough FAQ page on your website, you can eliminate this roadblock and turn your leads into paying customers. This can also save you time, as rather than responding to the same questions, you can now simply send people to your FAQ page.
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There you have it: 7 ways to convert your leads into customers. If you have any questions, you can contact us here.
Hope this helped!

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