With an average of more than 1.45 billion active users per day, as well as very specific audience targeting functionalities, Facebook is noteworthy for being one of the best ad targeting sites.  
That is… if you know how to properly target the right audience.
Otherwise, you’re just throwing money into a void and hoping it comes back with your goal of getting more leads or conversions.  
Optimizing your Facebook Ads can be daunting at first, but don’t worry. After reading through this blog, it’ll be a breeze 😉 
When you’re creating an ad, you will want to make sure it has these 4 qualities:
  1. An engaging headline
  2. A clear call-to-action
  3. An image that is relevant to the text
  4. The final and the most important one.. It is relevant to the audience you’re targeting. 
Here is an example of an ad that we created for one of our clients:
  1. If you take a look at the headline, it clearly states what the law firm is trying to achieve: contact for personal injury law services – no win no fee. 
  2. The following text contains a clear call to action: call for a free consultation. 
  3. The image itself contains the law firm name, logo, and a professional image.
  4. And finally, the audience we chose to target contained the demographics of living in the same city that the business is located in, had shown interest in the law firm by previously visiting their website and displayed behavior that they were needing a lawyer. 
There you have it, a quick and easy summary of what you should be keeping in mind if you’re trying to craft an ad yourself. 
Of course, there is a lot more depth that goes into crafting a highly targeted and engaging ad that brings positive ROI. From finding the right keywords to use in your ad to perfecting the target demographic and crafting beautiful images, our team of digital marketing specialists and graphic designers are here to help.
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