As more and more law firms leverage LinkedIn advertising, knowing how to run successful campaigns is becoming exceedingly important. Whether you’re launching a new campaign or you want to see better results with your current one, keep the following optimization techniques in mind.

1. Switch creative directions

If you notice an ad is performing poorly, try swapping out the image rather than pulling it down entirely.  Bright colours and easily identifiable photos tend to fare better than dull, cluttered images. As we mentioned in our last article, videos tend to outperform static image ads, so if you have the resources to use video instead – we recommend doing so. Canva is an easy platform to create your video ads. 

Insider tip: If you’re creating an ad for a specific industry or job title, mention it directly in the ad. It grabs the attention of the exact people you want to communicate with and helps reign in your budget if the ‘wrong crowd’ don’t click on your ad and scroll on by.

2. Have bold headlines and detailed descriptions

Other than supporting images, what’s the first thing people notice about a LinkedIn ad? The headline! Pair your attention-grabbing images and videos with an equally evocative headline that is supported by a detailed description that tells your audience a little more about your offer. Insider tip: consider A/B testing for different headlines and descriptions to see which one gets a better response from your chosen audience. 

3. Don’t let low impressions discourage you

LinkedIn can be difficult to earn impressions on. This is very dependent on the audience you’re targeting. Research has found that certain job titles and/or decision-makers tend to be more expensive to reach on the platform. So if you notice you’re having trouble achieving a meaningful number of impressions, gradually increase your bids. That should make all the difference!

4. Target niche groups

Most LinkedIn users join groups based on expertise, industry, and interests. With this information, we highly recommend tailoring your ads to these niche groups to increase your ad’s exposure. Another tool that comes in handy to drum up leads and increase conversion rates is directly approaching them using Sponsored InMail.

5. Ensure your landing pages are optimized:

As a loyal reader of our articles, you now understand the importance of an optimized website. If not, you can get a quick refresher here! Armed with this info, ensuring your campaign landing page is optimized is incredibly important when it comes to your LinkedIn ads. This tiny step can impact your campaign’s performance and conversion rates. For conversion goal campaigns, if you notice that website visits are high but conversions are low, you might have a problem with your landing page. If you need help creating effective landing pages, reach out today, one of our digital marketing strategists can give you a few pointers to elevate your legal marketing campaigns.

If you don’t have the right foundation in place in the form of a fully functional website, content strategy and set deliverables, you may be setting your firm up for some disappointing results. LinkedIn is a powerful tool that provides plenty of options to find and advertise to your desired audience. If you experience any challenges setting up or running your advertising campaigns on LinkedIn after incorporating these 5 tips, our team is only a phone call away to help you succeed. 

– Team Soulpepper