If you’ve been reading this past month’s blog posts, you would be pretty well versed in social media ad creation now. But LinkedIn is a little different. The wording and tone you should be using is less sales-related and more professional and value-driven. 
More than 80% of users on LinkedIn are professionals with some sort of decision-making power in their organization. This makes this platform one of the best ways to reach a B2B audience.
LinkedIn has some pretty useful targeting functions, like, being able to advertise to users who have previously engaged with your brand, have specific job titles, or work at a specific company. 
There are a couple of types of advertisement options you can choose from on LinkedIn that can help you reach your marketing goals. If you want to promote your brand, blog content, landing pages or the latest news, we would recommend using Sponsored Content or Text Ads. If you want to reach members outside of your contact list to generate leads or sales, we would recommend using Sponsored InMail. Finally, if you want to connect with potential employees, you can use Dynamic Ads. 
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Sponsored Content 
Any content that you are posting on your company LinkedIn page can be promoted to get more engagement on the post. If you want a certain audience to see a post, you can target them by sponsoring your content. This is especially useful if you’re holding an event or have content that you want a specific audience to see. 
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Text Ads
These ads are very similar to the ads you can create on Google. The essentials you need are an engaging headline, description, and image. 
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Sponsored InMail
Get directly in front of the person you want to target by sending a personalized advertisement to their inbox. The customizability helps people trust your message more because it feels like you’re directly talking to them. This is a really powerful tool for attracting more leads and driving higher conversions. 
Dynamic Ads 
You can show personalized ads to your audience based on their activity (such as if they’re searching for a job in your industry). Using dynamic ads, you can customize the types of people you want to see your message and increase followers to your company page. 
Now that you’ve chosen what type of ad you want to create, you can decide whether you want to pay for clicks or impressions. More commonly called CPC (cost-per-click) or CPM (cost-per-thousand impressions); the CPC model is when you only pay when someone clicks on your ad and the CPM model is when you pay for the number of times your advertisement gets seen by a user. You can choose according to your goals for the ad, whether that be to drive people to click on your blog post (CPC) or for brand awareness (CPM). 
Remember to keep in mind that your ads should offer some sort of value proposition to your audience. Whether that be through offering an informative blog post, an industry secrets webinar, or a link to a job posting in your organization. 
If you have any questions on how your company can utilize LinkedIn to reach your marketing goals, contact us for a free consultation. 
Good luck!
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